• The IB DP (Diploma Programme) is a distinguished 2-year international diploma programme encompassing 11th and 12th grades.
  • Students at R2VG participate in a dual diploma programme, pursuing both the IB and national diplomas. They must take examinations for both at the end of 12th grade.
  • Being an IBDP student in R2VG requires advanced proficiency in Latvian and English languages.
  • Admission to the pre-IB class (10th grade) is granted after completing 9th grade.
  • The maximum number of students admitted to the pre-IB class in R2VG each year is 30.
  • Admission to R2VG involves an admission exam, and IB students are selected from those admitted to the school.
  • Please note that admission to the pre-IB class does not guarantee continuation into the IBDP programme. Progression to the IBDP depends on the student's academic performance.
  • The list of subject choices in the IBDP at R2VG is predetermined by the school administration. No additional subjects will be added based on demand. (See subject choices table)
  • IBDP parents are required to sign an additional agreement, supplementing the regular school agreement.
  • Parents are responsible for covering the costs associated with the IBDP. For more information, please contact the IB Coordinator.

We hope this concise and clear guideline helps parents understand the essential information about the IB DP at our school. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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